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03.16.17 aafa comments on proposal to create an organic research and promotion board

AAFA opposed a rule proposed by the Agricultural Marketing Service to create an Organic Research and Promotion Board. The proposed research and promotion board would be funded by assessments placed on production of organic materials and imports of products containing organic materials.


03.15.2017 aafa joins comment to epa on initial 10 chemicals for risk evaluation

AAFA signed on to a multi-association comment with 27 other groups to the EPA. This comment urges the EPA to perform chemical risk assessments using the following practices: consult industry sources, consider only the “intended use” of the chemical, use scientific methods and sound science, use high quality data from credible sources, and focus on risk evaluation- not assessment of alternative chemicals.


03.20.17 - aafa joins letter in support of alexander acosta for secretary of labor

AAFA signed on to a multi-association letter with 70 other groups urging approval of Alexander Acosta for Secretary of Labor.


03.20.17 – aafa sends letter to president trump on gsp travel goods decision

AAFA and more than a dozen other trade associations sent a letter to President Donald J. Trump urging designation of all statutorily eligible travel goods for all GSP beneficiary countries.


03.16.2017 - AAFA Urges SEC to Review Conflict Minerals Regulation

AAFA urges the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to review the SEC's current conflict minerals regulation because of the immense time and resources involved with complying with this regulation for an industry that, at best, only uses trace amounts of the minerals in question. The regulation has had very little, if any, positive impact on the ground.

Results: 72 Article(s) Found.