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04.25.17 - aafa sends letter to administration on patent trolls and pto leadership

AAFA signed on to a multi-organization letter advocating for the Administration to ensure strong PTO leadership in the face of continued patent troll concerns.


04.21.17 - aafa sends letter in support of mcaleenan confirmation

AAFA signed on to a multi-organization letter in support of the nomination of acting CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan to be confirmed CBP Commissioner.


04.21.17 - aafa sends letter to senate in support of lighthizer nomination

AAFA signed on to a multi-association letter in support of Ambassador Robert Lighthizer to be USTR.


04.17.17 - AAFA Ltr on U.S. Government Funding for ILO Better Work Program

AAFA sent letters to House and Senate appropriators urging Congress to preserve the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) grant funding for the International Labor Organization’s (ILO’s) Better Work program. Removal of the funding could have a significant impact not only on the important work of the ILO Better Work program, but also seriously undermine Congressional initiatives to improve the economic development of Haiti.


04.03.17 - aafa comments on update to toxic-free kids act

AAFA sent a letter in support of SB836 to the Oregon Senate Committee on Environment & Natural Resources. The bill would add an exemption for "inaccessible parts" from the Toxic-Free Kids Act reporting requirements and would limit fees associated with product review by OHA outside consultants.

Results: 22 Article(s) Found.