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AAFA stays ahead of legislative and regulatory issues that impact the industry’s growth and competitiveness in the global market.

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Now is the time to contact Congress to tell them why you oppose the Border Adjustment Tax. Click here to send an email to your elected representatives urging action on trade.

Partners & Programs



Gemini Shippers Group

Gemini Shippers Group is a large group of companies that combines its ocean freight volume in order to negotiate more favorable contracts with ocean carriers. The non-profit group is the d/b/a for Fashion Accessories Shippers Association (FASA).


USAID Southern Africa Trade Hub

The organizers of Source Africa and AAFA have partnered to explore textiles, apparel and footwear opportunities for AAFA’s members in Southern Africa as part of its we wear global growth report series. 

African manufacturers exported nearly $2 billion of apparel products to the United States representing the largest portion of Lesotho, Kenya and Madagascar exports to the United States; and in Europe, businesses are eyeing Africa as a new source for low-cost quality apparel imports.

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