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Country Profiles

AAFA's members-only country profiles are a direct response to input from AAFA members who are ready to expand their business internationally, and may need additional help navigating the complicated tangle of international rules and requirements.  Each profile addresses the key features that are unique to a country but necessary for foreign businesses to understand when looking to sell textiles, apparel, or footwear within that country’s borders.  AAFA will continue to create profiles for countries that are of interest to AAFA members, whether they are a current trading partner or a country with untapped potential for consumer growth.

Each profile outlines certain key features that must be addressed before market penetration is possible:

  • Notable preferential treatment agreements that may affect duty rates and the import process.

  • Market access including tariffs and fees; import procedures such as required documents for customs declarations, import licenses, and relevant cargo certifications; and, any import restrictions that are in place including tariff and non-tariff barriers.

  • Labeling requirements for both apparel and footwear as well as the relevant legislation for compliance.

  • Product safety and restricted substances including a link to AAFA’s Restricted Substance List and global drawstring chart.

  • Intellectual property rights focusing on trademark registration for foreign bodies.

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