American Apparel and Footwear Association

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Each year, AAFA organizes educational events, programs, seminars, and webinars related to every aspect of the apparel and footwear industry. 


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AAFA invites you to partner and co-sponsor webinars with us as an alternative way to elevate your global presence. Learn more >

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Now is the time to contact Congress to tell them why you oppose the Border Adjustment Tax. Click here to send an email to your elected representatives urging action on trade.

Webinar Sponsorship Opportunities


AAFA's webinar program provides the apparel and footwear industry with educational content focused on niche, innovative concepts and successful business practices. Webinar sponsorship is offered to current AAFA member companies. Sponsors gain an opportunity to position themselves as industry thought leaders and knowledge experts across a variety of topics.

Why sponsor an AAFA webinar? 


Enhance existing relationships and expand your client base by connecting with an audience who comes back to AAFA throughout the year for expert information.


Expand your corporate visibility. Attendees frequently share the recording and presentation slides with their professional network. Open industry webinars are marketed to AAFA’s entire membership and beyond.




Strengthen your position as a recognized thought leader by providing valuable information to participants across the apparel and footwear industry. 


Two types of sponsorship are available. To learn more, contact Megan Balkovic at (202) 853-9354.  

  1. Open Industry = Registration is open to any industry professional.

  2. Member Only = Registration is reserved for AAFA members only.