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AAFA is an influential voice for the U.S. apparel and footwear industry on Capitol Hill and around the world.


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Government Procurement

Each year, the U.S. military spends $2 billion on uniforms and combat footwear for U.S. troops.  The domestic U.S. textile, apparel, and footwear industry outfits them.

AAFA represents many domestic manufacturers of footwear, apparel, fabrics and other components that are predominantly used to produce textile-based equipment for our nation’s military services.  These items include combat uniforms, dress uniforms, parachutes, bullet-proof vests and tents among other necessary tools so that our men and women in uniform can effectively succeed in their missions abroad.  An important United States law known as the Berry Amendment (10 USC 2533a) mandates that all textile-based equipment be manufactured and procured from 100% American sources.  

Berry Amendment

The Berry Amendment requires that all clothing, footwear, and textile-based equipment to be 100 percent American made.

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Berry-Compliant Athletic Footwear Initiative

The Department of Defense requires that our servicemen and women purchase athletic footwear for training and readiness.

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Federal Prison Industries Reform

The domestic apparel manufacturing base faces competition from a federal program known as Federal Prison Industries.

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Set-Aside Programs

DOD is required to direct procurement of clothing and textile items to various set-aside programs to ensure entities of all sizes and compositions have access to federal contracts.

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Reverse Auction/Low Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA)

The implementation of these policies goes against the industry’s efforts to provide the military with the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

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